Reason #1:

I’m selective

If I’m not confident I can make a measurable difference to your website’s traffic or revenue, I won’t take you on as a client and tell you why during a free consultation.

Reason #2:

I provide truly personalised service

I never take on more than 4 clients at any time. I prefer to have a small number of happy clients than a large number of unhappy ones.

Reason #3:

I outsource nothing

That’s pretty rare in this industry. If there’s a specialist area like web development or specific platform troubleshooting I won’t be the best person to complete the job, I’ll refer you to a trusted partner who will bill you for their services directly, instead of white-labelling their work and taking a management cut.

Reason #4:

I’m an SEO sceptic

I believe the majority of online businesses ideas do not work and will be honest in my opinion of yours. I am conservative in my predictions, never oversell and always err on the side of caution.

Reason #5:

I don’t lock you in contracts with ongoing fees

I’ll run ongoing reports for you for free if you like, but only charge for actual work I quote you for.

Reason #6:

I’m completely transparent

I’ll let you know everything I do and explain why I’m doing it.

Reason #7:

I only use white hat tactics

This ensures your site will continue to rank well in the long term and not be hit by future Google algorithm updates.

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