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A technical SEO audit examining the ability of search engines to index and properly understand your content can be an extremely cost effective investment, particularly for (but not limited to) large or dynamic websites such as:

  • E-commerce Stores
  • Directory and Listings Sites
  • Content Publishers
technical seo auditing

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Google examines literally hundreds of factors that affect your SEO traffic.

As an experienced technical SEO, I can efficiently identify your site’s major issues and opportunities and implement (or assist your developers to implement) a suitable solution based on your CMS platform or web framework.


Examples of Important Things I’ll Look at

Site Crawl

Do you have dead pages or links? Are you missing information across important SEO pages you don’t know about? Let’s find out once and for all with a full site crawl.

XML Sitemaps

If you need to feed Google a lot of content, and particularly if it gets updated constantly, a robust and accurate XML sitemap will be your best friend 

CMS Logic

WordPress, Magento, Drupal… even Wix or Squarespace – I can investigate your platform set up and advise practical solutions to get around existing issues.

URL Parameters

 Make sure these are set up correctly and make Google’s job to understand the unique, user facing content on your site so much easier.

Titles & Descriptions

 Just because user’s can’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t important.

Blocked Content

Are you blocking content you shouldn’t be, and losing potential customers as a result?


 I’ll check if you have any weird daisy chains sending the wrong redirect codes.

Load Speed

Let’s take a look at your waterfall charts and see who’s being a resource hog.

Linking Structure

Are important pages or site sections orphaned from the rest of the site? Does Google (unnecessarily) view your content living in ‘doorway’ pages?


The more information across a site, the more important it’s information architecture (IA). It should be logical, understandable and clear to navigate.

Schema Mark Up

Don’t know your JSON-LD from your RDFa? No worries, I’ll do that bit for you.

Even More

Like, so much more.


Obligatory Case Study

Yes, this stuff really does work.

Here’s an example where a client’s online store used dynamic URL parameters to handle their faceted navigation filters, and didn’t populate static page titles that could be indexed by Google.

case study technical seo

By simply rewriting the parameters into an SEO-friendly URL structure, we were able to get over 2,000 search-valuable category and filtered result pages indexed and ranking in Google, increasing SEO traffic by over 200% less than a week after implementation.


SEO technical audits are generally a bit more structured than other work though, and standard pricing for basic auditing starts from $800, including pre and post audit consultation with yourself or your developer.

For very comprehensive and enterprise level documentation requirements, audit pricing starts from $3,000.

Everything I do is custom, so you should get in touch with me to discuss a quote a first.