Google Enhanced Campaigns & Small Business

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In early 2013, Google introduced its new Enhanced Campaign settings that will be rolled out across all new & existing Ad Words accounts by July 2013. These new settings affect the structure of a campaign & allow for more specific keyword bidding within each campaign. These new settings include bidding adjustments for devices (computer/tablet & mobile), location & time of … Read More

How Allianz Australia is hacking CTR on Youtube in-stream ads

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Allianz, a large insurance company in Australia, is currently running its ‘Be OK’ ad campaign via Youtube standard in-stream ads. Standard instream ads are non-skippable, 30 seconds long and appear before Youtube partner videos i.e. the single most annoying thing on Youtube, and accordingly the highest abandonment rate of any ad format on Youtube. Allianz’ digital marketing guys had a … Read More

The (Real) Difference Between SEO Consultants and PPC/Adwords Consultants

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Website traffic is a like a beautiful single woman in her mid-20’s. Elusive, fickle, selective and relentlessly pursued by hordes of men vying to capture her attention. In the world of online marketing, there are two ways a  love-lorn website might seek to obtain that sweet, sexy qualified traffic that comes from search engines: 1. Search Engine Optimisation Search Engine … Read More