The Case for Social Signals as a Major Ranking Factor

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social signals

Cast your mind back to the origins of the mainstream web circa 1996 to 2000, and recall that it was very much a static place (my favourite piece of childhood nostalgia that is still live on the internet today is the original Warner Brothers Space Jam website.) Back in those days, you could go online to look at webpages which … Read More

Massive Blackhat Backlink Exploit on High Page Rank Techcrunch Posts

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blackhat link building article insertion

Some blackhat SEO has really hit the jackpot with a series of backlink insertions with targeted anchor text appearing on the following Techcrunch posts: – Page Rank 6 – Page Rank 7 – Page Rank 6 If you read my blog, you are probably already aware that is one of the biggest technology and start up news websites in … Read More

Thoughts on SEO Link Penalties

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In April 2012 Google introduced the “Penguin” algorithm to combat the link spam that has been polluting the web since people realised “more links = higher rankings”. This is the kind of crap Penguin is designed to penalise: Now, instead of “more links = higher rankings”, the equation has potentially changed to “bad links = lower rankings”. This is a … Read More