Technical SEO and Content Case Study

The client ran a large and successful B2B leasing company with minimal online presence. Online traffic accounted for less than 10% of monthly lead volume, despite rapid growth in relevant keyword search volume in the past 2 years.

An out-dated and poorly structured existing website prevented the business from ranking for high converting keyword terms that were dominated by its primary Australian competitor.  The entire website required a complete redevelopment from both a content and technical perspective.

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1. Redirection strategy in place ensures minimal loss of rankings and traffic during new site migration phase. Superior site structure and resolution of technical SEO issues ensures previously non-indexable on-site content is now visible to Google.

2. →   6.       Newsletter subscription base established on new website. Traffic spikes correspond to developed content articles pushed to subscribed readership base.

7. Sustained and continually growing incremental traffic due to ongoing content development. Average month-on-month traffic increases by over 220%.

Link Building (Outreach) Case Study

An Australian SaaS start up in the mobile lifestyle and fitness app space was consistently outranked by a number of overseas competitors for highly searched and relevant keyword describing the functionality of their app. An initial audit revealed a significantly lower domain authority and backlink quantity compared to its more established competitors.

An assessment of competitor links and the client business’ linking opportunities was identified and a 6 month link acquisition plan through building online PR and relationship building was implemented.

Calculated ROI of 300% against SEO fee investment after 6 months.

seo case study analytics

1. Acquisition of 28 highly relevant and contextual links to the client homepage.

2. Top 3 positions for 12 key seed keywords achieved following link acquisition.

3. Sustained higher rankings and traffic leads to 500% MoM increase in unbranded organic search traffic.

Link Penalty Removal Case Study

The client, a boutique financial services company, had previously engaged an external marketing agency to acquire links over a period of 6 months. All links were low quality link farm and forum profile spam links created via mass submission software. A link penalty warning in Google Webmaster Tools went by unnoticed and the domain was hit with link penalty three weeks later.

link penalty seo

1. Google Penguin link penalty applied to domain. Website fails to rank for primary brand keyword and majority of unbranded keywords which drive traffic to the website.

2. 84% fall in average daily organic traffic.

3. Engaged by client to assist with penalty removal. A priority action plan was drafted, signed off and commenced implementation.

4. All artificial links identified, webmasters contacted and link removal process fully documented.

5. Remaining links unable to be removed due to webmaster non-cooperation are disavowed via webmaster tools and a response to the original link warning message is sent.

6. Link penalty is successfully lifted.

7. Original rankings are restored and organic traffic returns to pre-penalty levels.