Pick Winston’s Brain SEO Audit

pick my brain seo audit

Dollar-for-dollar, this is hands-down THE best value SEO audit in the market

– Dean @ aajumpingcastles.com.au

For a one-off, flat fee of $350, I will personally perform an advanced SEO audit of your website, taking into account likely CMS and developer limitations.

Having worked on literally hundreds of websites, my experience has proven that the most effective SEO advice is that which is practical, actionable and tailored to individual business requirements and circumstances.

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Who is the Pick Winston’s Brain SEO Audit Suitable For?

Most people who order an SEO audit are owners or marketing managers of small-to-medium business websites. Industries range from local trades, niche retailers, professional service firms, start ups or e-commerce stores.

You might have some existing SEO knowledge and have a specific area of your SEO you’d like me to look into (e.g. site migration, schema markup, content strategy, etc) or just would like a second opinion from a guy that spends way too much time thinking about what Google wants.

Alternatively, this could be the first time you’ve given SEO any consideration at all – you don’t know your Webmaster Tools from your garden tools and really need someone map it all out for you.

What Will I get After I Pay You?

If you have specific questions or requests in your audit, I’ll spend up to four hours (equalling a consulting rate of AU$87.50 – this is a discount on my standard consultation pricing) troubleshooting your issues, including up to 2 hours of phone or Skype consultation (Skype is usually the best so we can screen share).

If you don’t know what you need, I’ll do the following:

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Things I’ll Do  

Things I won’t do:

Have Something Bigger in Mind?


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