My goal is to bring your website and its content in compliance with, and as close as possible to Google’s quality guidelines, publicly published and stated advice on web best practices and internal philosophical approaches on what makes a great webpage worthy of a front page or position 1 result.


SEO Venn Diagram

Unlike other SEO agencies, I don’t believe in following a defined SEO methodology or process

The reason for this is because every website is different and my experience as an SEO has led me to conclude that pre-defined methodologies are often impractical and lead toward a far too common exercise of attempting to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Improving a website’s visibility in search engines encompasses a broad range of disciplines with very different skill sets sitting under marketing and online public relations, social media marketing, copy writing and web development.

I specialise in the last two above mentioned areas as they relate to search engine optimisation i.e. strategic content development and technical SEO auditing. I don’t really do ‘link building’ because the ability acquire high quality backlinks to your site that are seen by Google as legitimate and natural endorsements of your content or online presence is highly dependent on your current web assets, offline presence and marketing.

This is a forward thinking approach to SEO that will ensure your site is future proofed from constantly changing Google updates (and is best positioned to benefit from them, instead of risking penalisation or visibility downgrades).

When creating your custom SEO proposal, I’ll consider a range of factors after an initial consultation that focuses on deliverying the best value and return on your marketing investment in SEO.