“Tumblr” Vs “Blog” via Google Trends

Winston Ong~March 2, 2013 /SEO Blog
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Via Google Trends, “Tumblr” has overtaken the keyword “Blog” in Google searches.

Part of this is due to the maturity of the word “blog” in online lexicon, and the fact that blogs are now largely synonymous with web content in general. For example, if you’re searching for blogs on Madonna hairstyles, you’ll probably just type in “Madonna hair” instead of “Madonna hair blogs”. But if you knew it was a tumblr, you’d include that in a search. In other words, non-tumblr blogs are still likely still very, very popular, it’s just the use of the word “blog” that’s actually in decline.

Think “Kleenex tissue” – Kleenex is synonymous with tissues, so the addition of the word is redundant.

Nonetheless, this is still quite an incredible statistic and reveals how quickly new content platforms can spread via engaged early adopter communities.


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