How Not to do Email Marketing by Styletread

Winston Ong~April 7, 2013 /SEO Blog
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Styletread, one of the largest and most successful Australian speciality shoe e-tailors does a lot of things right – textbook SEO site structure, sophisticated re-marketing and PPC campaigns and an engaging shopping proposition (free delivery, 365 day returns policy and they even pay for shipping back on returns for shoes you simply didn’t like or don’t fit).

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Their business model was originally based on the hugely successful model of consistently exceeding the customer’s online shopping experience. While the company is young and still working toward a path of clear profitability, Styletread is what I consider one of just a few true Australian e-commerce that really understand the online space – in contrast to the ‘me-too’ digital strategies of traditional Aussie retail giants like David Jones and Harvey Norman playing a woeful game of catch up.

Investors seem to agree, with the site securing $12 million last month in new funding to expand its products range.

Given their commitment to being a true e-commerce powerhouse, I’m really surprised how poor their application of CRM data segmentation is to their email marketing campaigns.


styletread register
Styletread – I told you I’m a guy when I registered….
...and I've only ever bought men's shoes from you. Ever.
…and I’ve only ever bought men’s shoes from you. Ever.


So why do you send me emails like this?

Confession - I don't actually wear high heels into the office.
Confession – I don’t actually wear high heels into the office.


These shoes are not 'me' at all.
These shoes are not ‘me’ at all.


Every email I’ve received from the Styletread newsletter has promoted women’s shoes, including notifications of new product arrivals. Men’s shoes have only been listed a few times as an email footnote to a few product emails.

Interestingly, I’ve noticed a pretty decent data-driven re-marketing campaign from anecdotal viewings of display ads – primarily related product product searches and product reminders based on shopping cart abandonments.


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