Can’t Enable Demographics and Interests Reports With Universal Analytics?

Winston Ong~March 19, 2014 /SEO Blog
google analytics demographics report
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EDIT: 2 April 2014 – The issue outlined in this post is no longer current or relevant as Google has rolled Google Analytics out of public beta. Great work G! Here is a snapshot of the age/gender demographics of my site:

google analytics demographics report

100% of my visitors are male aged 25-34…

What am I doing wrong, ladies?

I know, for a fact, that my mum occasionally reads my blog on her iPad – so take the reports with a grain of salt 🙂

[Original Post]:

The universal analytics code for GA has been out in public beta for almost exactly one year now and it is still not compatible with Demographics and Interest Audience Reports.

This annoys me for the following reasons:


GA audience report

Universal Analytics demo and interests


Wouldn’t it be more helpful to say something like:

Demographics and Interest Reports have been enabled, however this report is only compatible with the ga.js Classic Google Analytics JavaScript code. The code you currently have installed on your web property is the upgraded Universal Analytics Code.

Google has been pushing for users to upgrade for months, defaulting them into the new code and even warning they will lose tracking data if they don’t upgrade. Too bad they didn’t consider informing its users of loss of key functionality, and the negative implications of upgrading!

/end rant.





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