Why Choose an Australian SEO?

australian seo

Sound familiar?

Overseas SEO services may be cheap, but more and more Australian businesses are realising the pitfalls of dealing with unknown fly-by-night service providers who over promise and inevitably under deliver.

As a local, Australian SEO based in Sydney, I’ve heard of many stories from business owners who took ‘too good to be true’ SEO claims at face value and hired overseas providers to handle one of their important inbound marketing channels. While the costs are relatively low – you might just waste a few hundred dollars for a few months of pointless SEO ‘work’ – there are additional risks to consider:

1. Overseas SEO companies often employ outdated, spammy SEO techniques such as low quality, mass link building.

These techniques are easy to implement, sometimes automated by software and suitable for the cost advantage of their labour market – repetitive, relatively simple tasks such as directory submissions, forum posts and blog comments.

The problem with this is that since 2012, Google has begun actively penalising poor quality links which can now harm your website.

2. The time you waste not ranking represents lost revenue to your competitors.

Search engine optimisation is already a long term process that requires a lead time for set up, planning and ranking improvements to take effect. Time you waste with overseas providers on non-performing tactics will put you farther behind your competitors who have chosen to partner with more credible local SEOs in Australia.

3. It’s virtually impossible to hold bad overseas companies accountable for their non-performance, poor work or harm to your website.

As an Australian SEO, you can put a face to my name. I’ll gladly meet you for coffee if you’re in Sydney, communicate with you in clear English and properly itemise the work I charge you for.

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