Adwords, Paid Advertising & Remarketing Services

Running paid online advertising and unsure whether your investment is paying off?

I specialise in auditing Adwords and online media spend strategies to ensure my client’s marketing budgets deliver their highest potential return on investment.

On average, I’m able to identify efficiencies that reduce cost-per-sale or acquisition by 20-50%, in addition to finding new revenue opportunities.


It’s not complicated – direct response and cost per click (CPC) based online advertising campaigns such as Google Adwords are highly data driven.

Most existing campaigns can be significantly improved with sensible targeting, a test and learn approach and common sense understanding of how users behave and buy online.

Why I’m Different

Unlike other SEM agencies, I don’t charge on a media spend basis i.e. as a % of your advertising budget. By charging a fixed price based on a strategy audit, my focus is not ‘how can I convince you spend more money on digital ads?’, rather, ‘how can I make your online budget go further and increase your revenue?’



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Standard audit pricing starts from $700